Common connection problems

We've found that most connection issues for customers stem from incorrect APN and credential settings on the router. Try completing the following checklist to see whether this fixes your issue.

Did you activate the SIM card?

Once you'e activated your card in the portal, you'll receive an email with set-up guide. The activation procedure is actually optional, but you'll need to register to view your data consumption and refill when needed.

Did you configure your device?

Most devices will configure automatically however, the access point name (APN) may need to be updated prior to being able to connect.

  1. Log in to your mobile data router
  2. Go to the APN settings and ensure they are correct (check your welcome email)
  3. Go to the username and password settings and ensure they are correct (see above link)

Is your data allowance empty?

You can check how much data you've used, and refill when necessary by logging in to the portal.

If you have a data allowance remaining, or have auto-refill enabled, continue troubleshooting below.

My router has a signal, but there's no internet on the network / on my WiFi

If the router has a signal, the local network may be incorrectly configured. Whilst this is outside the scope of this service, you can still contact us to see whether we can help.

When a signal is present, try connecting a cable directly from the router to a computer and see whether this gives you internet access. If you have internet access on the computer than the network is likely incorrectly configured.

Can you connect to other network operators manually?

Sometimes the network in your local area may fail. Try switching to an alternate network operator.

When using manual network selection (rather than automatic), you should check that a 4G connection is available with the provider.

I'm unable to connect to other networks manually, have no signal or my router says "obtaining IP address"

Follow the steps below if you are unable to select a network manually or are receiving the message "Obtaining IP Address" (obtaining IP address is specifically for Peplink devices).

  1. Log in to your mobile data router
  2. Check your SIM card settings and APN (sent in the welcome email) to ensure your device is configured correctly

Try changing the DNS servers

Sometimes your network operator may have an issue with DNS servers. You can try using reputable DNS providers to see if this resolves your connection issue.

  1. Set the DNS servers manually:
    1. DNS1:
    2. DNS2:

Try changing authentication method

Check authentication option to allow “PAP and CHAP”, if not set the authentication to “auto”.

Try changing DNS servers (again)

  1. Set the DNS servers manually:
    1. DNS1:
    2. DNS2:

If you're still experiencing problems, contact support.

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