Configure APN settings on a Celerway Stratus

Here's how to configure the access point name (APN) on a Celerway Stratus router.

You need your APN address to complete this task. Check your welcome email for this information, or reach out to the team.

  1. Access the STRATUS device UI.
  2. In the Network Overview tab, navigate to the Modems section, enter the SIM card’s pin code in the Pin code field and click Unlock.

  1. Highlight and copy the ICCID number for the SIM card.
  2. In the Network Settings tab, navigate to Customs APN, click on APN menu and paste the ICCID in the empty field.

  1. Type the APN in the APN field, click Add and Restart modem(s).
  2. The APN is now activated.
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